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Coronavirus, Marketing & Economic Impact - What you can do now

March 17, 2020

In a time of crisis, marketing communication is the most strategic tool you can have. We have compiled a list of communication tips for businesses to implement today. The list includes our price drops to help support businesses now.

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Marketing & Coronavirus - What Businesses Need to Know

March 16, 2020

As markets across the world feel the turmoil of the Coronavirus COVID-19, businesses of all sizes are feeling the real effects.


What does Coronavirus mean for businesses?

It is usually this time of year when many businesses start their next financial year planning, yet many are in uncertainty. The Corona crisis is forcing businesses across the globe to re-evaluate many aspects of their business for the foreseeable future – and to reassess their marketing tactics.

Professional Marketing Plans cover political and macro-economic risks, but generally not a global pandemic risk – and small businesses usually don’t have a marketing plan implemented. Businesses of every size will be affected in some way, however, there are measures you can take now to get in front of a catastrophic business disaster.

What should you consider?

Marketing has always required a mix of art and science, and the pressure to get that mix right is heightened in times of uncertainty such as during the coronavirus pandemic.

Current data says consumers are in-fact still buying online, and if the country does go into shut down it is likely consumers will be spending more time online than ever. Although this is not ideal for a small business that doesn’t have a website – it might be the time to go online.

Consider implementing a short- and long-term marketing plan now. Combining appealing messaging and hyper-targeting your audience more than ever will assist with the influx on paid search bids.

Create appealing social content and use this time to grow your audience. When the coronavirus pandemic slows down – people will be craving all the activities they currently do. Build your database now and have the ability to communicate with them directly later.

In the short term – communication is key to keeping your current customers whether your B2B or B2C.

Where do you start?

Get a marketing plan in place now. Know who you can target now and stay informed on consumer behavioural patterns over the coming months. The more you know, the better you can position your business and marketing strategy.

In the last 12 hours several businesses have contacted us scared about how this will affect their business. We have dramatically discounted our marketing consultations to assist businesses of all sizes during this crisis.

You can request a consultation online in the form above and our team will respond to you within 1 hour.

What if I can’t afford marketing right now?

Many small businesses took a financial hit in January with the bush fires, then flooding, the continual drought – and now Coronavirus. Growing up in the country town of Kyabram, Ally Guiney fully understands the affects these conditions have on small businesses and their families.


We have discounted our consultations by almost 45% for the next 10 days to give small businesses a fighting chance. We will help these businesses with tactics that will fit within their budgets.


What are we doing internally to handle the outbreak of Coronavirus?

We are taking several precautions over the next few weeks for our staff and valued clients, including the implementation of all staff working from home and all meetings will be held via Zoom. 

In the past two weeks several our clients have returned from overseas and have had meetings with our team. As of March 16 2020, no client have advised they are ill, and none of our team members are ill, however we would like to minimise any risk to others - just incase. We will be consulting with all clients who have event scheduled in the next two months. 

As a small business, our team are taking every precaution to look after their health and look out for the health of others. We encourage all our clients and prospective clients to reconsider any future meetings and conferences to be online rather than face to face over the next two months. 

If you need assistance setting up online meetings or conferences, please feel welcome to call us and we will happily run you through the process free of charge. 

What to do now?

  1. Request a Coronavirus Marketing Consultation with Ally Guiney

  2. Compile all your platform logins and prepare any questions you have

  3. Work out your minimum running costs for the next 3 months

  4. Subscribe to our database to stay informed

We are discounting our strategy consultation rates by almost 45% to support businesses of all sizes in a global crisis.

Want to hear more? Leave your info & we will get back to you within the hour.

Stay informed. 

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